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Lessons of “Number Go Up”

The Big Picture

Recently, a post utterly perplexed me: “One doesn’t get a favorable impression of crypto from Number Go Up but in fact one doesn’t learn much about crypto at all. Thus, I was entertained by Number Go Up , but didn’t learn much.” Because Number Go Up technology means it’s going higher! Jury is still out.

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MiB: Zeke Faux, Number Go Up

The Big Picture

He is the author of Number Go Up: Inside Crypto’s Wild Rise and Staggering Fall. Zeke’s last name Faux is pronounced “Fox” Zeke Faux’ New Book Number Go Up: Inside Crypto’s Wild Rise and Staggering Fall by Zeke Faux Zeke Faux’ Favorite Books Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt.

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Market Commentary: Dow Hits 40,000 As Inflation Numbers Improve

Carson Wealth

April inflation data confirmed there is no need to panic about the first-quarter numbers. Compliance Case # 02246494_052024_C The post Market Commentary: Dow Hits 40,000 As Inflation Numbers Improve appeared first on Carson Wealth. New highs scare many investors, but history suggests more new highs will follow.

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078-05-1120 – is this Your Number?

Getting Your Financial Ducks In A Row

Hopefully it’s not what you think is your Social Security number, although it’s quite possible that at some point you (or someone you know) did think it was your (or their) correct number. It’s a very interesting story (with thanks to the Social Security Administration for the story): The story of the most misused number of all time.

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Global Guide to Hiring Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are increasing in numbers — and are set to rise even more post-pandemic. The Future of Remote Work is Mobile. The ability to work while exploring the world has gone from a dream to a reality. This growing workforce offers companies new opportunities to expand their global teams by hiring motivated, tech-savvy talent.

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Can 'Magic Numbers' Boost Charitable Donations?

Wealth Management

DAF startup Daffy recently experienced a jump in activity after embracing the significance of the number 18 in Jewish culture.

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I Ran The Numbers And They Work!

Random Roger's Retirement Planning

Looking at AQMIX on your statement kind of going nowhere for 10 years could be difficult but clearly a portfolio with the allocation in Portfolio 3 would have kept up just fine and if they had focused on the bottom line number and not the line items, it would not have been difficult.

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Recruiting From Within: Expand Your Talent Pipeline While Driving Retention

As employees continue to resign in record numbers, talent acquisition and retention have never been more important for companies with global aspirations. Discover the Benefits of Internal Talent Migration.