Top 5 Risk Management Strategies

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There are basically five strategies which can help you in allocating your risk management. You may spread the risks of investing in particular equities by spreading them across diverse industries, including information technology, consumer goods, banking, and pharmaceuticals.

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Abnormal Returns

Inflation Hedging inflation is harder than it looks. Can Twitter be used to forecast inflation? Performance The performance of tactical asset allocation mutual funds has been no great shakes.


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Risk Management Podcasts

Risk Management Guru

Founded by Boris Agranovich in 2010, the Global Risk Community (GRC) is the world’s leading community for Risk Managers. According to its official information, GRC is also the world’s first crowdsourced training platform for Risk Managers.

Decision-based Risk Management

Norman Marks

I have been talking (OK, preaching) about the need to manage the likelihood of achieving objectives (i.e., success) rather than limiting yourself and the organization by managing or mitigating risks. Risk audit boards compliance ERM governance GRC management risk

Risk Management Survey Results

Norman Marks

Risk audit boards compliance ERM governance GRC IIA riskI want to thank the 102 people who responded to my survey. The results are quite interesting. First, there is an inherent bias in the responses. These are all people who are reading my posts and are therefore more likely (I believe) than the general population to agree with what I have been advocating. Having […].

What Is Risk Management In Banking [Ultimate Guide] 2022

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The RBI Grade B Mains Exam’s Finance & Management portion includes a subsection on Risk Management in the Banking Sector. A bank may make more money by taking on greater risk since the relationship between risky assets is direct. Therefore, it’s crucial to control risks and decide whether they’re worth bringing. What Does Risk Management Mean In The Banking Industry? What makes banks take on risk, then? Regulatory Risk.

How to Talk About Risk Management With Your Clients


Category: Clients Risk. When it comes to their investment portfolios many tend to have a low-risk tolerance and with the unsettling economic situation with the ongoing pandemic, the word “risk” has become even more of a fearsome word for clients. Clients Risk

A Look at How a Variety of Risk Management Approaches Have Worked in 2022


For the last 40 years, managing risk for investors has been pretty easy. The fact that bonds haven’t worked has made risk management very challenging during this bear market. But that doesn’t mean there was no way to manage risk.

What is Risk Management in the Stock Market?

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In the stock market, risk management is locating, quantifying, and dealing with the various risks that can affect investment. Due to the potential negative effects of various risks on a person’s investment portfolio, effective risk management is crucial.

Is Risk Listing a Reliable Risk Management Practice?

Risk Management Guru

Risk management can be defined as the “process which aims to help organizations understand, evaluate and take action on all their risks with a view to increasing the probability of success and reducing the likelihood of failure” (Hopkin, 2010, p. Limitations of Risk Listing.

Good practice guidelines for the Enterprise Risk Management function

Norman Marks

I like this review of the guidelines published a couple of years ago by internal auditors in the Nordics. Guest blogger Marinus de Pooter highlights some good points and areas of weakness. == A steering group drawn from the Institutes of Internal Auditors for the Nordic and Baltic countries issued the ‘Good practice guidelines for […].

Agriculture Industry: Trading and Risk Management

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What we need is a fundamental shift in the way agriculture companies handle trading and risk operations and processes. Agriculture business managers spend a lot of their time with farmers answering questions related to contracts, invoicing, ticketing and more. Cost management.

Norman’s Survey of Risk Management Effectiveness

Norman Marks

The questions ask for your assessment of the management of risk at your organization, whether you are a board member, in management, a practitioner, a consultant, or hold a different position. I would appreciate your helping me with a short survey. It should only take a few minutes. I will share the results next week. […].

The Woeful State of Enterprise Risk Management

Norman Marks

My thanks go to Professors Mark Beasley and Bruce Branson of North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management (the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative). They recently published 2022 The State of Risk Oversight: An Overview of Enterprise Risk Management Practices – 13th Edition. Risk audit compliance control COSO ERM GARP governance GRC IIA IRM ISO RIMS risk

A Wake-Up Call for Risk Managers

Norman Marks

Nick Sanna, the CEO of RiskLens, a software company specializing in cyber risk management, recently issued a wake-up call for risk managers in a presentation at a Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) conference. It was covered in an article by Jeff Copeland: How to Integrate Cyber Risk Management with ERM. He “encouraged risk managers […]. Risk audit boards compliance ERM governance GRC risk

Life and risk management are both complicated.

Norman Marks

Risk audit boards control ERM governance GRC IIA ISACA riskThe world in which we live is turbulent, with so much happening all the time. That applies to our business as well as our personal lives. Naturally, we try to simplify the complex. Hard to survive otherwise! Our brains are (at least for most of us) unable to fully grasp everything that is happening, so […].

How do you audit enterprise risk management?

Norman Marks

The IIA published a Practice Guide, Assessing the Risk Management Process, in 2019. Risk audit boards control ERM governance GRC IIA riskIt is recommended guidance and not mandatory. What is mandatory in the IIA Standards is performing an assessment, and this Practice Guide (PG) is intended as helpful advice on how to do it. While the Standards say that you must perform an […].

An Excellent Article on Risk Management

Norman Marks

I commend Marco Nutini for his recent LinkedIn post, Risk and decision: egg or chicken? He asks: In your opinion, which of the two alternatives best represents the Enterprise Risk Management process? 1) From an Objective >> Identify a Risk >> Analyze and prioritize >> Decide how to treat it; or 2) From the need […]. Risk audit boards compliance control ERM governance GRC risk

What if we just abandon “risk management”?

Norman Marks

Several internationally recognized authors have already addressed a recurring theme in the Risk literature: if a company does not […]. Risk boards ERM governance GRC IIA riskEarlier this year, Marco Nutini asked this challenging question in a newsletter he shared on LinkedIn. He starts with: Calm down, I don’t want to ruin my source of daily bread, let alone create a fuss.

Citigroup readying fresh plan to address risk management issues: WSJ


is due to submit Thursday to federal regulators a new plan for addressing deficiencies in its risk management infrastructure, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. We have taken decisive actions to simplify our firm and we will continue to act with urgency to modernize the bank for the digital age and strengthen our risk and control environment," a Citigroup spokeswoman told the WSJ. Citigroup Inc.

Do we need a risk management framework?

Norman Marks

For example, the traditional way of thinking about responses to risk includes the expression “accepting risk”. Risk audit boards compliance ERM governance GRC IIA riskA single word can change so much. The options are avoiding, transferring, or mitigating. The idea of taking more (!) is ignored.) That is so passive! In order to succeed, whether in life or in business, people need to […].

Seize the opportunity through strategic risk management capabilities

Norman Marks

PwC has shared with us the results of their 2022 Global Risk Survey. Risk audit boards compliance ERM governance GRC IIA riskIt has some interesting stuff, although (as usual) doesn’t go far enough for me. Their food stuff includes: In this turbulent business environment, many executives find the need to revise and adapt their strategies and operating models at a rapid pace. They […].

Portfolio Risk Management: How to Measure and Manage Portfolio Risk


This is why it always contains an element of risk. In addition to this, every investor has a risk appetite. However, if you are nearing retirement, your risk appetite would ideally drop. There are several types of risk that can impact your returns. What is portfolio risk?

The WealthStack Podcast: The Evolution of Financial Advisors as Risk Managers

Wealth Management

Rick Bookstaber and Dr. Ashby Monk discuss the importance of understanding risk

Hispanic business owners seeking risk management advice present opportunity for advisors and financial professionals

Nationwide Financial

Small business owners wear many hats, and the topic of risk management presents an opportunity for you to add value. Become a risk management consultant for your business clients. Technology risk– Is the business protected from rising cyber threats?

Conference: Risk Awareness Week (RAW) 2021

Risk Management Guru

The Risk Awareness Week 2021 is upcoming! This event is considered to be the biggest virtual conference about Risk Management topics, delivering more than 50 interactive workshops with more than 30 speakers, including the best Risk Management professionals in the planet.

10 Risk Professionals You Should Follow

Risk Management Guru

Whether you’ve just started in Risk Management or you’re already a professional in this arena, this article will interest you. We are highlighting some of the reference professionals we follow who are seasoned Risk Managers, each in its own area of expertise.

Stock Portfolio Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel

Risk Management Guru

Monte Carlo simulations are currently the most common used techniques to estimate the risks that a Bank or firm might be facing at a given time. Heatmaps have inherent flaws and promote cognitive bias, with several deficiencies having been recognised among the experts in the Risk community.

Why Portfolio Diversification is for the Ignorant Investor

Risk Management Guru

The Risk Management Guru (RMG) blog was founded in October 2015 with a very clear sense of purpose: to become the go-to blog for the best articles about Risk Management. However, “ risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” as Warren Buffet once said. Preface.

7 Risk Assessment Blind Spots (and How to Beat Them)

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The same goes for assessing and viewing the risks of your business or organization. You want to have a 360° view around your business at all times so you can spot any oncoming risks. Sticking to the Risk List. Critiquing Only Your Own Risk. Mitigated risks.

Chimp-Throwing Darts: Problems with Expert’s Future Predictions

Risk Management Guru

I am always in search of free online resources regarding diverse outlooks on risk. Recently I stumbled upon a great source of risk related concepts after listening to an episode of The Knowledge Project podcast which featured a guest, I was unfamiliar with.

9 Ultimate Cyber Security Tips for Students

Risk Management Guru

The post 9 Ultimate Cyber Security Tips for Students appeared first on Risk Management Guru. Cyber Risk Infographic Operational Risk Risk Management Systems and Controls Tecnical Analysis

3 Risk Reduction Strategies for Deferred Compensation Plans

Cordant Wealth Partners

In this post, we cover three ways you can reduce the risk you have in your deferred compensation plan (DCP) for those that have a substantial portion of their net worth tied up in deferred compensation. So, in this post we’ll outline three ways you can hedge or offset this risk.

Plan participants


More than 30 years of experience providing employer-defined contribution plans with access to our risk-managed investment portfolios

December 2022 Portfolio Notes

Advisor Perspectives

We continue to believe that a value-conscious, risk-managed, full-cycle discipline, focused on the combination of valuations and market internals, will be essential in navigating market volatility in the years ahead

The internal audit survey results

Norman Marks

As with the earlier risk management survey, the results may be a little biased as the respondents are all people who follow me on […]. Risk audit governance GRC IIAI thank the 127 people who answered my survey. I think you will find the results interesting. As a reminder, I had asked that only internal audit practitioners complete the form.

Share this video interview with your board and top management

Norman Marks

Today, I will review two very different sources for perspectives on risk management. The first is an interview with Robert Finocchio on ‘Risk Oversight and Assessment’. Risk audit boards compliance ERM governance GRC IIA riskThen I will provide a link to a paper by a law firm of relevance for board members and CROs. If you look at his background, you will see […].

Feedback on my books

Norman Marks

Risk Management for Success […]. I have published quite a few books now, with perhaps one more to come in 2023. It is always refreshing to get feedback, especially when it seems I have made a difference and influenced others on their journeys as practitioners. Here are a few that I very much appreciate. Thanks!

Is risk-based internal auditing a myth?

Norman Marks

Are internal auditors fooling themselves when they say they are using a risk-based approach? My good friend and esteemed[1] risk management practitioner and thought leader, Alexei Sidorenko, challenged me to disagree and comment on one of his latest posts: Creating a risk-based audit plan, is it a myth? Risk audit ERM governance GRC IIA risk

Talk Your Book: Fixing Fixed Income

A Wealth of Common Sense

On today’s show we discuss: Intricacies of the fixed income market Trading stocks vs. bonds What problem IMTC is solving What type of analytics and data IMTC is providing Allocation vs. optimization Product use cases Risk management within fixe.