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The Growth Of Collaborative Planning – And Decline Of “The (Written Financial) Plan”

Nerd's Eye View

Financial plans play an important role for both clients and advisors, as they not only help clients gain a clear perspective of their current financial position, but also provide advisors with a systematic way to organize their analyses and communicate their recommendations to the client.

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Adviser links: exciting plans

Abnormal Returns

( Creative Planning is getting creative to retain former United Capital advisers. Taxes Why clients need to start planning now for the coming dip in the estate tax exemption. Selling a service, like financial planning, is different than selling a product.

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Record 401(k) Participation at Vanguard Plans

The Big Picture

The firm’s release of How America Saves is chock full of data and charts showing how 401k savings have reached all-time highs at Vanguard; I expect other large plan managers like Fidelity and Schwab to be at or near similar levels. Vanguard is out with its annual deep dive into what its 5 million 401k participants are up to.

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Navigating the Thrift Savings Plan: Planning Opportunities To Support Federal Employees, Military Servicemembers, And Veterans

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government is the largest employer in the country, it can be especially helpful for advisors to be familiar with the ins and outs of (and recent changes to) the Federal government’s own defined contribution plan: the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). But given that the U.S. While many features of the TSP (e.g.,

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How to Make the Hybrid Model Work for Your Team

How Globalization Partners’ technology can enable a hybrid game plan. Download the eBook to learn more about: What the hybrid model of work is. How to choose the right hybrid model for your company.

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Personal finance links: a bad plan

Abnormal Returns Jon Luskin talks with Steve Chen about DIY retirement planning tools. Don't retire from work without a plan. ( Dan Haylett talks with Hal Hershfield author of "Your Future Self: How to Make Tomorrow Better Today." Should I invest or pay off my mortgage?

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Your Retirement Planning Starter Pack

Carson Wealth

By Jake Anderson, CFP ® , Wealth Planner When helping clients begin retirement planning, the same questions often arise: What should my retirement plan look like? Your lifestyle, goals, family situation, and risk tolerance will give a unique signature to your retirement plan. Looking for personalized retirement planning advice?

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Long-Term Care Considerations in Estate Planning

This article explores the impact of medical/LTC expenses on estate planning objectives, and discusses strategies to keep assets flexible to address needs that may arise while satisfying the objective of transferring wealth to designated beneficiaries.

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Global Growth Playbook: Scaling a Remote-First Company

Today, one in three employees prefer working from home over working from the office, and nearly half of companies plan to continue offering some form of remote work flexibility to their employees. How Globalization Partners can help implement a remote-first plan. Experience the Benefits of a Remote-First Workforce.

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Navigating Financial Storms: Strategies for Building Resilient Balance Sheets

Speaker: Carolina Aponte - Owner and CEO, Caja Holdings LLC

Additionally, companies need to adopt a long-term perspective and engage in rigorous financial planning to identify potential risks and opportunities. By implementing these strategies, companies can build a resilient balance sheet that can weather economic storms and position themselves for long-term success.