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The 60/40 Portfolio is Back! *after not going away

The Big Picture

Check out these recent headlines about the classic 60/40 investment strategy 1 : The 60-40 Investment Strategy Is Back After Tanking Last Year BlackRock Ditches 60/40 Portfolio in New Regime of High Inflation Why a 60/40 Portfolio Is No Longer Good Enough The 60-40 portfolio is back Sorry, but all of these headlines utterly miss the point.

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A Balanced Portfolio Always Comes with Regrets

A Wealth of Common Sense

Here’s a scenario I was presented with recently: Five years ago, a relatively conservative investor was sitting on some cash and seeking a more balanced portfolio. Five years later there is a clear winner in terms of performance within this 50/50 portfolio: You basically doubled.

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The Sherman Show: Clients, Advisers, Markets & Portfolios

The Big Picture

TSS Episode 125: Barry Ritholtz on Financial Advisers, Clients, Market Outlooks and Building Portfolios. The post The Sherman Show: Clients, Advisers, Markets & Portfolios appeared first on The Big Picture. It’s fun conversation, and Jeff & Sam are great hosts.

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Politics and Your Portfolio

The Big Picture

I think you will enjoy our conversation… Source : Episode 145: Politics and Your Portfolio DAVID L. BAHNSEN National Review, November 16, 2023 click for audio [link] The post Politics and Your Portfolio appeared first on The Big Picture.

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Does Crypto Belong in a Portfolio?

Advisor Perspectives

With crypto going mainstream, it’s important that advisors understand the pros and cons of including crypto in a portfolio.

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MiB: Antti Ilmanen, Co-Head, Portfolio Solutions, AQR

The Big Picture

This week, we speak with Antti Ilmanen, who is the principal and global co-head of the portfolio solutions group at AQR Capital Management. The post MiB: Antti Ilmanen, Co-Head, Portfolio Solutions, AQR appeared first on The Big Picture. WEIRDest People in the World by Joseph Henrich.

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Best RK Damani Portfolio Stocks – Portfolio Analysis & Holdings

Trade Brains

Best RK Damani Portfolio Stocks: Investing in the stock market can be a daunting task, given the sheer number of stocks available to choose from. To simplify things, many investors follow the portfolio of successful investors such as RK Damani, who has amassed a fortune through stock investments. Who is RK Damani? Stock P/E 106.27