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MiB: Aswath Damodaran: Valuations, Narratives & Academia

The Big Picture

A nine-time “Professor of the Year” winner at NYU, Damodaran teaches classes in corporate finance and valuation to MBA students. He has also written several books on corporate finance and equity valuation and has published widely in journals. Damdoran loves “untangling the puzzles of corporate finance and valuation.”

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#FA Success Ep 333: Scaling A Small-Business-Owner Boutique To A $31M Retainer-Based Valuation, With Jim Dew

Nerd's Eye View

What's unique about Jim, though, is how he has scaled his retainer-based boutique firm to more than $7 million in revenue, a $31 million enterprise valuation, and is growing organically at a 40% growth rate, by providing a high-touch comprehensive advice offering for his business owner niche clientele.

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Improving ESG Practices Boosts Valuations

Alpha Architect

This chart on creating shareholder value through ESG engagement is useful when evaluating if ESG practices boost valuations. Improving ESG Practices Boosts Valuations was originally published at Alpha Architect. Please read the Alpha Architect disclosures at your convenience.

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Eight Top Valuation Drivers for Independent RIAs

Wealth Management

What's driving RIA valuations? These factors are what smart buyers look for, and smart sellers keep in mind at all times, says Dynasty's CEO.

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Factor Returns and the Information in Valuation Spreads

Alpha Architect

Given that valuations provide information on equity returns, it should not be surprising to learn that valuation spreads provide information on future factor premiums. <strong>Factor <strong>Factor Returns and the Information in Valuation Spreads</strong> was originally published at Alpha Architect.

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: Stripe valuation drops again to $50 billion with latest funding round


s valuation has reportedly fallen for the second time in 2023 as the company announced a new round of funding late Wednesday. Back in January, Stripe reportedly had cut its internal valuation to $63 billion, down from a $95 billion valuation in March 2021. Privately held fintech company Stripe Inc.’s

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Where Valuations Stand After the Market’s Strong Start to 2023


Whether the good times will continue is still up for debate, but given the strong recent run and the fact that it has been a while since I have looked at it, I thought now might be a good time to look to our market valuation tool to see where things stand. The second caveat is that we use median figures when we look at market valuation.