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Investing is the Study of Human Decision Making

The Big Picture

Most people believe that investing is the science of generating a return on capital. At its heart, investing is a problem-solving exercise , filled with opportunities that reveal the errors we all make. This should be reflected in how we invest. That is an accurate but incomplete assessment. – “ Future ” demands optimism.

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Friday links: irresponsible investing

Abnormal Returns Venture capital Most companies are not suitable for a venture capital investment. ( If Hipgnosis is any sign, the bull market in song royalties seems to be coming to an end. Which companies might go through the IPO window?

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MTA: Peter Borish, Tudor Investments

The Big Picture

Today, I am interviewing Peter Borish, one of the legends of trading & investing: Founding partner and right-hand man to Paul Tudor Jones at Tudor Investment Corporation; he was Director of Research for 10 years. He has been an IFM Trustee since 1991.

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How Do Active Managers Invest Their Own Money?

The Big Picture

But they also asked questions about how these managers invested their own monies. Robin buries the lede in his discussion, but allow me to correct that oversight: “ Active managers invest their own capital passively.” ” It’s is worth your time to delve into the entire discussion.

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Redefining Wealth: Money Management, FinTech, Inclusion, and Belonging

Speaker: Marguerita Cheng - Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth

In today’s market, we have seen people make major career decisions and blindly dive into investing to make this goal more achievable. Creating generational wealth has moved to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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Tuesday links: investing humility

Abnormal Returns Spotify Spotify ($SPOT) invested big in podcasting and is struggling to make it all work. Hedge funds Successfully investing in hedge funds requires getting four things right. The more a fund investing in alternatives, the more it needs to manage cash requirements.

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24 Things I Believe About Investing

A Wealth of Common Sense

Here are some things I believe about investing. Patiently holding onto your investments is more important for most investors than. Patiently holding onto your investments is more important for most investors than. I believe simple beats complex. Picking tops and bottoms is for the lucky and the liars.

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