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Slowing U.S. Economy, State by State

The Big Picture

Note: I have been occasionally eyeballing this map since 2008 , and it does a good job of showing the overall trend of the economy (on an obvious lag). The economy is mixed to good, with 2/3rd of states expanding and 1/3rd of states slowing; Dropping from +96 to -22 is a substantial decrease, regardless of the high GDP print last Q.

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Tuesday links: your personal economy

Abnormal Returns Economy Why attitudes about the state of the American economy are so divergent. ( King Arthur Baking Company is launching a regenerative whole wheat flour blend. Fruit juice sales are in secular decline. Wholesale used car prices fell in October.

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Postpandemic Inflation in Eleven Economies

Alpha Architect

This paper explores the applicability of the Bernanke-Blanchard (BB) model across diverse economies, revealing commonalities and differences in inflation dynamics post-pandemic. Postpandemic Inflation in Eleven Economies was originally published at Alpha Architect. Please read the Alpha Architect disclosures at your convenience.

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Advisor Sentiment Index: Confidence in Stock Market, Economy Drops

Wealth Management

Financial advisors were split on the current state of the economy, while a majority held a positive view of the stock market in April, according to's Advisor Sentiment Index.

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Wealth Management EDGE: Clients Are Too Worried About the Economy

Wealth Management

Despite persistent concerns from clients about the state of the economy, indicators are either fine or improving, according to Cetera Chief Market Strategist Brian Klimke.

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Podcast links: the new economy

Abnormal Returns Non-finance Chris Hays talks with Felix Salmon about his book "The Phoenix Economy: Work, Life, and Money in the New Not Normal." ( Scott Barry Kaufman talks with Hal Hershfield author of "Your Future Self: How to Make Tomorrow Better Today."

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This is the Best U.S. Economy Since the 1990s

A Wealth of Common Sense

Finance people also have an affinity for the 1990s economy. Remember life before everyone was forced to care about politics? Remember Saved by the Bell? Remember going to Blockbuster on a Friday night to pick out a movie? Remember how great things.

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