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U.S. Bank Failures, 2001 – Present

The Big Picture

Bank failures since 2001, scaled by amount of assets in 2023 dollars. The graphic above, via Flowing Data , puts recent events into perspective: At $209 billion in assets, the Silicon Valley Bank failure since Washington Mutual crashed in 2008 (JPM Chase took them over from the FDIC). The post U.S.

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Yes Bank vs IDFC Bank – Financials, Future Plans & More

Trade Brains

Yes Bank vs IDFC Bank : Banks are the economic engine. The higher the asset quality of banks, the better the state of the economy. Banks facilitate the flow of money in markets following monetary policy, which determines the economy’s growth and decline. 7,250 crores at Rs.

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FDIC: Number of Problem Banks Increased in Q1 2024

Calculated Risk

The FDIC released the Quarterly Banking Profile for Q1 2024: Reports from 4,568 commercial banks and savings institutions insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) report aggregate net income of $64.2 percent is now at its highest level since fourth quarter 2013, driven by office portfolios at the largest banks.

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MiB: Savita Subramanian, US Equity & Quantitative Strategy, Bank of America

The Big Picture

This week, we speak with Savita Subramanian , head of US Equity and Quantitative strategy at Bank of America. Dick The post MiB: Savita Subramanian, US Equity & Quantitative Strategy, Bank of America appeared first on The Big Picture. She also leads the firm’s environmental, social and governance research.

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Quick Guide to Digital Lending for Regional & Community Banks

How are some regional banks outperforming their bigger rivals? Digital lending technologies are helping banks make the transition faster so they can compete more effectively. It’s an opportunity that other small and regional banks can learn from, and this guide is the playbook for how to do it.

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How Much Free Taxpayer Money is the Fed Giving to Banks?

Mish Talk

Reserve balances, reverse repos, and interest rate paid to banks from St. With these numbers in hand, we can calculate the free money the Fed gives to banks. Free Money to Banks Annualized Calculation. Free money to banks, Mish calculation. billion has been handed out to banks. Louis Fed, chart by Mish.

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Raymond James Adds $1B Team to Bank Division

Wealth Management

The Horizon Group, a team of five advisors and four branch professionals, joins Pinnacle Asset Management, an affiliated bank branch, from Truist.

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Digital Transformation's Impact on Account Opening for Banks

This is a great way for banks to stay competitive, as they can offer an improved experience that leads to higher customer satisfaction. Banks often face the choice between staying on top of the latest trends, or hoping they go away and refusing to adapt.

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The Threat That Could End Community Banking & What To Do About It

Small and midsized banks are at tremendous risk. Community banks are at risk of losing their core business to the companies innovating in the paytech and lendtech spaces. On the surface, things are going well for community and regional banks and credit unions. Small business lending is ground zero for this imminent disaster.

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How to Evaluate Business Lending Software for Your Bank

This eBook explains the features of a Business Lending Platform that community banks should make their top priorities when evaluating any business lending software. What should you look for in a Business Lending Platform?

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Transforming Lending: Understanding the Power of Digital Platforms

It's time to end that worry and embrace what could make a major difference for your bank. Understanding how they work and how to best utilize them for your banks is key toward success. Digital platforms can provide you with plenty of solutions, yet many are still intimidated by them. Feeling unsure about digital platforms?

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2024 Lending Outlook: Innovations and Evolutions in the Financial Sector

For banks and financial institutions to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers, these drivers must be understood and engaged with. As we step into 2024, the lending landscape evolves rapidly with technology, regulations, and market dynamics driving change.

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How Generative AI Will Impact Business Lending

By understanding the impact and possibilities of Generative AI in business lending, banks can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions. Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) is poised to revolutionize the world of business lending.

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5 Reasons Banks Need a Digital SBA Lending Program Now

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are more important than ever for banks in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). A digital-first strategy for SBA loans is required to capitalize on the permanent impact to business banking.

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Banking on Loyalty: Holistic Financial Advice for Unparalleled Business Growth

Speaker: Joe Buhrmann, MBA, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® Senior Financial Planning Practice Management Consultant eMoney Advisor

During an era of evolving consumer preferences, the banking sector is undergoing a profound shift. As customers continue to broaden their perspectives, banking professionals must support their customers' financial wellness by providing holistic financial advice that aligns with individual goals and circumstances.