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How to Determine Your Client’s Risk Tolerance


Category: Clients Risk. Determining the client’s risk tolerance is not an exact science and requires you to communicate with your client. What Does The Word “Risk” Mean For Your Clients? For some clients, “risk” maybe something exciting or daring that they enjoy and not something they generally avert from.

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How to Determine Your Investment Risk Tolerance Level


It is essential to choose investments that match your risk appetite to avoid unnecessary stress and surprises later. A financial advisor can help you understand your investment risk tolerance. This article will focus on the risks of investing, how they impact you, and what you can do to determine your risk appetite.


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The 60/40 Portfolio is Back! *after not going away

The Big Picture

Morningstar, April 17, 2023 ) _ 1, The caveat being 60/40 reflects a fairly moderate risk tolerance, and higher equity allocations (e.g., 70/30) might be appropriate for people with higher risk tolerances and/or longer investment horizons. Doing Nothing. The post The 60/40 Portfolio is Back!

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For Risk-Tolerant Investors, Spot Bitcoin ETFs Could Help a Traditional Portfolio

Advisor Perspectives

Registered investment advisors have long leaned on the 60% equities/40% fixed income portfolio structure. While it’s not perfect, it has served clients well, broadly speaking.

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Inflation Expectations: A Dubious Survey

The Big Picture

Consider : Questioning investors as to their risk tolerance does not typically result in an accurate description of their true tolerance for drawdowns and lower returns; instead, we get a number highly dependent upon the performance of equity markets over the prior three to six months.

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The Latest In Financial #AdvisorTech (June 2023)

Nerd's Eye View

This month's edition kicks off with the news that Riskalyze has completed its previously-announced rebranding, and will now be known as “Nitrogen”, a ”growth platform” for advisory firms – which represents less of a shift in the platform’s core function (given that Riskalyze’s risk tolerance tool was always (..)

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Personal finance links: peaks and valleys

Abnormal Returns On average, people overestimate their risk tolerance. ( Ongoing costs differ for homeowners by region, but are still significant. Investing Are older investors now too exposed to the stock market? Personal finance There's no shortcut to financial health.