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MiB: Steve Case on AOL, Startups & Venture

The Big Picture

He describes Rise of the Rest as “going beyond Silicon Valley and coastal dollars to find early-stage startups and invest in these companies.” The post MiB: Steve Case on AOL, Startups & Venture appeared first on The Big Picture. The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future by Steve Case. Rubenstein.

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Tuesday links: stressed startups

Abnormal Returns High profile media startup Semafor has launched. ( Mixed media How much creative work will AI replace? How Wikipedia weeds out state-sponsored manipulators.

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Talk Your Book: Startups in a Crisis

The Irrelevant Investor

The post Talk Your Book: Startups in a Crisis appeared first on The Irrelevant Investor. On today’s segment with Brandon, we discuss: What Meow does for businesses What’s changed about cash management in the past month Who the counterparty is when buying T-Bills Who Meow works with On today’s s.

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Secfi Launches RIA, Targets Startup Employees

Wealth Management

The firm has hired John Morrison, portfolio manager at Dimensional Fund Advisors, to run the RIA, which aims to help startup employees plan around option-rich, but cash-poor, wealth.

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Global Hiring Guide for Startups

Grow your startup beyond borders and boundaries. Global expansion is the ultimate goal for many startup founders. However, to successfully enter new markets and grow internationally, you need a sound and scalable global recruitment strategy.

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How to Negotiate Equity in a Private Company or Startup

Darrow Wealth Management

Working for a startup can pay off big financially, but a lot must go right along the way. If you are considering taking a job at a startup or private company with plans for an exit, there’s a lot to consider before accepting an offer. Here are some considerations for how to negotiate equity in a private company or startup.

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Greg Quental, Co-Founder of Tech Startup Bento Engine, Dies at 62

Wealth Management

Morgan Securities; his death comes just weeks after his tech startup announced an initial seed round of funding from a long roster of well-known RIA leaders. Quental was the former CEO of J.P.

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