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America’s Enormous Math Mistake’s Mistake

The Big Picture

Call it ” ‘ America’s Enormous Math Mistake’s Mistake. Since 2008, the Census Bureau has included government transfers in its Supplemental Poverty Measure. seconds to find 253,000,000 results on Google showing exactly how the government measures this. ” Was this ignorance? Wiifull misrepresentation? Sheer stupidity?

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[cdata[ Don’t Let ‘Girl Math’ Fool You ]]

oXYGen Financial

![CDATA[ Two new trends have been circling social media: girl dinner girl math. While they may seem harmless enough (and entertainingly funny), girl math highlights the ways we all can rationalize away indulgent purchases. However, all women should be careful with how far these rationalizations go.

Math 105

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Inflation Math Inconsistent With Economic Math in Q1 2024

Advisor Perspectives

To say that inflation data during the first quarter of the year surprised us and the markets is clearly an understatement and by Tuesday of this week, with the higher-than-expected Producer Price Index (PPI) print for April, markets were clearly on edge as they were also potentially expecting a higher reading for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on Wednesday. (..)

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Animal Spirits: Bear Market Math

The Irrelevant Investor

The post Animal Spirits: Bear Market Math appeared first on The Irrelevant Investor.

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Top clicks this week on Abnormal Returns

Abnormal Returns The problematic math of passing down generational wealth. Top clicks this week Three assets that don't diversify your portfolio as well as you think. International diversification requires a long time horizon. The S&P 500 is now nearly 40% of global market cap.

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Adviser links: sustainable niches

Abnormal Returns On the math of purchasing wealth management leads. ( Contemplating a Carson Group without Ron Carson. Advisers How a ban on non-compete agreements will affect financial advisory firms. How to know if your niche is sustainable.

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Friday links: a dynamic process

Abnormal Returns Some math that traders need to know. Markets Why the ranks of 'degens' are growing. How to avoid the meme stock drama. Crypto What Robinhood ($HOOD) wants with BitStamp. Autos The car market is normalizing. Unsold Tesla ($TSLA) inventory is piling up.

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