Fri.Nov 18, 2022

Worse Than Enron

The Reformed Broker

Welcome to the latest episode of The Compound & Friends. This week, Michael Batnick, Gregor Macdonald, and Downtown Josh Brown discuss the latest on the Sam Bankman-Fried saga, the inverted yield curve, electrification of the power grid, the growth of electric vehicles, peak oil, and much more!

Weekend Reading For Financial Planners (Nov 19-20)

Nerd's Eye View

Enjoy the current installment of “Weekend Reading For Financial Planners” - this week’s edition kicks off with the news that AdvisorTech giant Envestnet has announced a partnership with New Zealand-based FNZ that will allow Envestnet to offer custodial services to advisors beginning in the second half of 2023.


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Existing Home Sales Decline 9th Month, Down Another 5.9 Percent

Mish Talk

Existing home sales from the National Association of Realtors via St. Louis Fed. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports Existing-Home Sales Slumped 5.9%

Sales 207

Podcast links: growing ear share

Abnormal Returns

The biz 1 in 5 Americans listen to a podcast on a daily basis. Podcasting is growing its 'share of ear.' Companies Patrick O'Shaughnessy talks with Parker Conrad who is co-founder and CEO of Rippling.

Best Practices to Ace Your Close

Speaker: Nancy Wu, Head of Sales and Customer Success at SkyStem

Whether you’re on a 1-day close or a 10-day close, there are some fundamental commonalities that all strong accounting departments share when it comes to the month-end close. Please join us for an informative webinar where we share best practices that your team can implement today to ace your close.

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

A Wealth of Common Sense

Scott Galloway once said, “It’s never been easier to become a billionaire, or harder to become a millionaire.” ” I’m not sure I agree but it does seem like more people want to become a billionaire these days. I honestly don’t think it’s worth it.


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3 Ways the Gender Pay Gap Affects Women in Retirement

Integrity Financial Planning

There has historically been a pay gap between men and women for comparable jobs which favors men. This phenomenon generally affects retirement funds as well – this is called the gender retirement gap. [1] 1] On average, women earn 17% less than men, taking home $89 compared to the man’s $100. [2]

A Possible Game Over Strategy?

Random Roger's Retirement Planning

Corey Hoffstein Tweeted out the following snippet, presumably from WisdomTree about its PutWrite Strategy Fund (PUTW). There were a ton of replies jumping on WisdomTree, rightfully so, for the strangely worded commentary. Maybe they mean they've benefited from higher premiums when they sell puts?

No, CLOs and CDOs Are Not the Same

Wealth Management

Unlike CDOs, which collapsed during the housing crisis, not a single AAA CLO has defaulted since the inception of the asset class 30 years ago

LA Port Traffic Down Sharply in October

Calculated Risk

Notes: The expansion to the Panama Canal was completed in 2016 (As I noted a few years ago ), and some of the traffic that used the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is probably going through the canal. This might be impacting TEUs on the West Coast.

Global Hiring Guide for Startups

Grow your startup beyond borders and boundaries. In this eBook, you’ll discover how you can gain a competitive edge over your business rivals through the latest technology, harnessing global contractors, and using a global employment platform.

WealthStack Roundup: News From Bento Engine, Holistiplan and Addepar

Wealth Management

Bento addresses wealth transfer and financial literacy while Holistiplan joins LPL's Vendor Affinity Program and Addepar adds UBS as client

Ticketmaster's Live Nation under Justice Department investigation: report


Losses accelerated Friday for Ticketmaster owner Live Nation Entertainment Inc. stock after The New York Times reported that the Justice Department has opened an antitrust investigation into the company. The stock fell nearly 5% in late trading, set to end the week down 11%.

Sales 83

Rich Cancro on Meeting Advisors’ Three Biggest Needs

Wealth Management

Rich Cancro, founder and CEO of AdvisorEngine, explains how technology can help advisors improve client experience, increase revenue and enhance operational excellence

NAR: Existing-Home Sales Decreased to 4.43 million SAAR in October

Calculated Risk

From the NAR: Existing-Home Sales Slumped 5.9% in October Existing-home sales retreated for the ninth straight month in October, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. All four major U.S. regions registered month-over-month and year-over-year declines.

Sales 83

Redefining Wealth: Money Management, FinTech, Inclusion, and Belonging

Speaker: Marguerita Cheng - Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth

Join Marguerita Cheng for an engaging conversation on rethinking the concept of wealth and how everyone can benefit from professional money management.

401(k) Real Chat: Michael Majors

Wealth Management

Retirement industry thought leaders answer three probing questions on critical issues, providing an open, honest and candid dialogue

More Analysis on October Existing Home Sales

Calculated Risk

Today, in the CalculatedRisk Real Estate Newsletter: NAR: Existing-Home Sales Decreased to 4.43 million SAAR in October Excerpt: On prices, the NAR reported: The median existing-home price for all housing types in October was $379,100, a gain of 6.6%

Sales 83

The Era of the Bond ETF Has Finally Arrived

Wealth Management

So far in 2022, more than $446 billion has been withdrawn from US fixed-income mutual funds, a record exodus. About $154 billion has poured into bond ETFs instead

Dow, S&P 500 end higher Friday, but stocks book weekly drop


The Dow and S&P 500 finished a choppy session higher Friday, but with the main U.S. equity indexes still booking a weekly loss as doubts emerged about the staying power of a rally sparked by signs of easing U.S. inflation.

Top 7 Global Employment Challenges

Global expansion brings many opportunities for companies. However, there are pitfalls along the way that can slow down progress. In this eBook, we look at the 7 key challenges to global growth, and ways to minimize expansion headaches.

Wealthies Circle Podcast: AI Use Cases in Wealth Management

Wealth Management

FP Alpha's Andrew Altfest and TIFIN Wealth's Niharika Shah discuss how AI can help advisors run a better business, delight clients and streamline their operations

Digital Shiny Objects

Advisor Perspectives

Financial crises are really about trust. They tend to occur when people lose trust in assets, institutions, or people they had thought trustworthy. Whether the lost trust was a consequence of the crisis, or its cause is a different question. But they do seem to go together

Traders now see 24% chance of another 75-basis-point hike in December, up from 15% on Thursday


Fed-funds futures traders have slightly raised their expectations for another aggressive three-quarters-of-a percentage-point rate hike by the Federal Reserve in December. Those chances rose to 24.2% from 14.6% on Thursday, according to the CME FedWatch Tool.

Unstable Value Funds (VII)


Picture Credit: Boston Public Library || When total systemic leverage is so high, you can’t tell what might go wrong. Because of the fall in interest rates since the last post , the risks have declined with Stable Value Funds.

Global Hiring Guide: Top Emerging Fintech Hubs

The fintech industry is growing exponentially. Companies can find the talent they need in top emerging fintech hubs around the world. Highly skilled global candidates are available to hire — companies just need to know where to look for them.

New York law enforcement swoops down on gray market cannabis shops


Law enforcement authorities from New York State and New York City raided an unlicensed vape and cannabis shop in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn called Big Chief and made two arrests, according to reports this week.

Podcast: Holiday Shopping Outlook

Nationwide Financial

Hear more from Bryan Jordan, Nationwide’s Deputy Chief Economist, as he shares his outlook on the holiday shopping season. (12 12 min). Retail sales rose by 1.3 percent in October — its largest increase in eight months.

The Top 3 Financial Products to Weather This Financial Storm

NAIFA Advisor Today

Join NAIFA's Business Performance Center for a webinar on Tuesday, November 29 at 1 pm eastern.

What Lessons Can Investors Learn From the FTX Saga?

Mullooly Asset Management

In this week’s podcast, the guys talk about what investors can learn from following along with the latest cryptocurrency headlines.

The HR Compliance Playbook: How to Improve Speed-to-Hire

Every global growth to-do list should begin with compliance. Navigating international jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming, but with solid, up-to-date compliance procedures, companies can maximize efficiency, speed-to-hire, and mitigate risks.

How to Create Buyer Personas as a Financial Advisor

Advisor Websites

A buyer persona is a fictionalized portrayal of your ideal customer, painting a life-like picture of who that customer is. Even in a niche market, you likely have at least 2-3 specific buyer personas that you can target.

The Battle Between Tax Cheats and the IRS Is About to Heat Up

Wealth Management

The agency says an army of new auditors could help raise as much as $1 trillion by forcing tax evaders to pay their fair share

When Narratives Collapse

The Big Picture

Every now and again, we reach a moment in time when the scales fall from our eyes, and reality is revealed to us. We are now at one of those moments when the stories we tell ourselves have fallen apart. The dominant narratives are failing.

Media 251